Need a stain match done? No problem!

Whether you have a specific vision or are just trying to match an old stain, our stain experts can formulate a custom colour blend into both oil and water-based wood stains.

Because of the care and precision put into all of our quality color matches, and the dry time of some products, stain matching is estimated to take roughly 4-6 days to complete. Please take this into account when placing your stain match orders. Matches are done in the order they are received and therefore the expected lead times may be longer during periods of high volume.

What You Need to Bring

  1. A physical sample of the color you want the stain to be matched to. If it is being matched to a pre-existing stain, please provide a physical sample of the original stained wood.
  2. A physical sample of the new wood you will be staining: as the most accurate stain matches will require us to test the match on the exact type of wood or substrate you will be using for your project.