NEW! Corotech® COMMAND

Deliver quick return-to-service for all of your commercial painting jobs.

COMMAND™ is an extremely durable single-component, multi-substrate solution that helps you save time and tackle multiple jobs with confidence. This waterborne acrylic urethane enamel also provides tenacious adhesion and abrasion resistance.

Galvanized Steel | Aluminum | Concrete/Masonry | Vinyl | Laminates | Drywall | Plaster | Ceramic Tile | PVC Molding | Millwork

Save Time and Money

Ensure minimal disruption to your facility, property or production line thanks to the quick dry time and return to service COMMAND™ delivers.

With its ability to coat a multitude of interior and exterior substrates, Command™ helps you run multiple projects at the same time, simplifying maintenance and boosting labor efficiencies—all with one product.

Fast-drying Paint for Quick Return to Service

In just 15 minutes, COMMAND dries to touch—allowing for faster recoating.

  • Vertical surfaces return to service in just 1 hour, making COMMAND a smart all-around facility or warehouse paint
  • Horizontal surfaces can handle foot and forklift traffic in just 24 hours—crucial for painting facility or warehouse floors.

 A Benjamin Moore painting contractor standing on yellow scaffolding and painting a facility exterior with Corotech® COMMAND.

Flexible Coating

From warehouse floor paint to metal railings, COMMAND offers resistance to cracking and peeling while bending, moving, expanding or contracting.

A go-to solution for interior/exterior projects, COMMAND works on metal, masonry, vinyl, drywall, tile, PVC and much more.

A Benjamin Moore painting contractor opening a large warehouse door painted in Corotech® COMMAND Safety Red.

Block Resistance

Thanks to its tack-free formula, COMMAND is ideal for windows, doors, cabinets and other surfaces that need to return to service quickly without sticking—typically within an hour.

A Benjamin Moore painting contractor spray painting a metal fence using Corotech® COMMAND.

Tenacious Adhesion

Apply self-priming COMMAND directly to existing alkyd or epoxy coatings, most metals and plastics, laminates, masonry/concrete, and more.

Painting contractors applying Corotech® COMMAND on a warehouse floor.

Easy Application & Clean-up

COMMAND can be applied:

  • In painting temperatures as low as 2°C (35°F)
  • Using a brush, roller or spray

Plus, COMMAND easily cleans up with soap and water.


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